About Us

Who we all are...

Julie  - When we took over the cattery in 2013 I had 18 years of veterinary nursing experience behind me. I had also helped out at a couple of catteries in my earlier years of vet nursing. So I'm pretty cat confident and qualified to look after your cat even if his/her health needs are a little higher than usual.

Pete - Pete (my hubby) is a life long cat lover. The cattery is not his 'day job' but he helps me out in the cattery often. He has excellent cat skills too and the cats reckon he gives pretty good cuddles!

The Girls - Holly and Maria have no choice but to be cat lovers. They enjoy helping me dish out the food bowls in the evening and giving the cats (well the ones that like children) cuddles. They are learning more and more about cleaning the cattery too. But for now, they are kids and I do not permit them to go into the cattery without myself or Pete.


Emily Rose -  Emily is my volunteer. She has been coming to the cattery to help me since I took over in Nov 2013 !!!!  She is awesomely cat crazy - so she dishes out lots of love and cuddles while cleaning. She has excellent cat whispering skills too. 

…So that's us.   Julie